Why mamas need some me-time…

Let’s face it, as mums we get very little me-time.  Between wiping snotty noses, breaking up arguments and battling with homework (and of course, all the lovely bits in-between!), there’s very little time or energy reserved for us.  And parenting is bloody hard!

I never realised the importance of ‘me-time’ until I was about 3 years into motherhood.  I slowly found myself losing all patience with my two boys, my energy was low and bath-time squabbles made me want to sob. I just wasn’t myself.

I was talking to a friend about how I felt and she asked me what I do for me-time – to re-charge my batteries.  And the answer was ‘nothing!’  That’s when I realised that this could be part of the problem.

As mums, we’re programmed to feel that wanting or having any me-time is selfish. We feel guilty for wanting to prioritise ourselves.  But guess what mama – if you’re running on low, then you can’t be giving your best – and something’s got to give.

Self-care – making time for yourself – is important.  I’m not talking about regular spa days (oh to have the time..!), but just taking 15 minutes each day  to do something for you.  Read a book, keep up with the Kardashians, or sit in the garden with a hot (uninterrupted) cuppa. Whatever floats your boat.  But the point is to just focus on you for that moment.  Restore the balance.

Me Time for Mama is a positive digital space for all mums – to share the highs and lows of parenting and to look at ways in which you can steal a little (vital) me-time for you each day.


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